Ice-Stick automatic sealing machine

1. The completely closed loop parts can avoid leakage and pollution. It can fill and seal different vertical and abnormity soft plastic tube synchronously. When the nozzle fills full tubes it stops automatically. The filling nozzle also can stop to fill beverage when the filling point has not tube.

2. We designed the ellipsoid focus style heating hood. It makes the heating much faster than usual. The adiabatic part can avoid burn.

3. We designed polygon static  successional sealing way. The seal is symmetrical, straight and beautiful.

4. Machine layout more reasonable, maintenance is more convenient. Soft start-up, balanced capability, easy speed control, and high-speed running.

5. Exterior design more delicate and beautiful. Instead of the carbon steel structure is the stainless steel structure can improve the food hygiene grade.

Technical data

Nozzle external diameterΦ4 mmΦ5 mmΦ6 mmΦ12 mm
Filling nozzle40404030
Tube inner diameter4-5mm
Packing rate tubes/h5000-80005000-80008000-110006000-9000
Type of tubeVertical or abnormity soft tube
Material of tubePP.PE.PS.EPS.PET.PVC.
Power input3N-50Hz 380V  (selective purchasing 220V/50Hz)
Motor power0.55 KW
Heater power3.5 KW
Overall dimension3800 mm×1160 mm×2150 mm (L×W×H)
Weight800 kg

Main uses

It can fill jelly, syrup, milk beverage, frozen sucker and other kinds of soft drinks, etc. It can seal vertical and abnormity soft plastic tube. It can fill pulp.



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